Quick Recap

So, I guess the purpose of having a blog is to actually use it, eh? I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but not out of laziness; rather, I’ve been traipsing around in the following manner. In the last 15 days, I’ve:
– Been to (or through) Louisiana, Texas, Washington, New York, Boston and Connecticut.
– Seen both Wilco and Yo La Tengo, two of my favoritest bands ever. Concert reviews (ala Pogues, only better!) coming soon.
– Survived a hurricane-cum-noreaster in Beantown. Noel was fun! And wet.
– Had some great meetings for business, and even more wonderful evenings with family and friends.
– Eaten two of the best meals I’ve ever had: one at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, the other at No 9 Park in Boston. Write-ups with pictures coming soon.

Alas, I guess I’ve been keeping busy.

I promise more blog updates soon, as well as some new photos for the Flickr site…

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  1. Thanks for going to all these fun places with me!!! And don’t forget about the delicious Oscar breakfast and white fish!

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