Eat More, not Less!

This is a great article from today’s NYT about eating habits of Americans:

If you’ve read Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” you’ll be familiar with the argument at stake here: eat more, not less, as long as you make sure that what you’re eating isn’t about to kill you. No fast foods, no overly processed foods — hell, cook at home! Food is your friend — not the enemy!

The article mentions Slow Food, an organization that I happen to love (I only wish I were in town for the Slow Food Fest they had over Labor Day weekend in SF).  It also mentions how folks are starting to realize that when you cook at home, you have a greater understanding of that which you’re putting in your body – and which becomes your body – and how important it is to eat foods in a positive frame of mind.

With that positivity and happiness in mind…. I’m going to step out to a bite of sushi at my favorite place. What a happy food thought!

Sarah Palin

We heard the crazy moose-shootin’ lass from Alaska git on her high horse last night and try to knock Obama’s experience. Of course — when she herself has so little experience, and, when she and her running mate (at least that’s what it feels like now – is she running for VP or President?!) have NO PLAN to fix America, they go on the attack. But here’s the record, a side-by-side comparison of Obama and Palin and their experience:

B.A in political science from Columbia University, with a specialization in international relations
J.D. in Law from Hardvard, graduated magna cum laude; President of the Harvard Law Review
12 years (92-04) teaching constitutional law
7 years State Senator: sponsored more than 800 bills
4 years Senator for Illinois, population approx. 12.8 million people

Bachelor’s in journalism from University of Idaho
4 years Wasilla City Council (8000 people)
6 years Wasilla mayor (8000 people)
1 year “Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission”
20 months governor of a state with 660,000 people (and a helluva lot of moose!)

Republican hypocrisy here is astounding. Not only does this conservative crazy yay-hoo have such little experience that I’m amazed she’s even governor, let alone on a major party ticket for VP, BUT, she’s a crazy conservative with NO FOREIGN POLICY OR ECONOMIC EXPERIENCE. I am really, really, really troubled by her nomination.

I am scared.